Celltech - Supplier for DNA

Celltech has been a supplier for DNA for several years. DNA offers versatile mobile, data and TV services for private customers and companies, as well as high-quality network and telecommunications services for telecommunications companies. Celltech supplies stationary batteries and power units for base stations as well as inverter systems. The deliveries include product user and maintenance training.

DNA's builder in Central Finland and the technical expert for the company's procurement manager, Marko Konttinen specifies the stationary battery applications:

"Battery capacities vary from tens to thousands of ampere hours. The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority defines backup power duration from half an hour to six hours, depending on the criticality of the unit. The smallest batteries are located in mobile network base stations and fixed network locations, while the smallest ones are located in large central facilities.

In addition to using lead batteries, for example, the HDTV network is protected with diesel solutions that provide backup power for days."

Measurements depend on locations

"The suitable solution and its size is determined by the location," Konttinen says. "Remote locations, likelihood of power outages and the distance between DNA's maintenance partners are also key factors," continues Konttinen. "We must make it there before the batteries run out. If there are many operators using the same aerial, the backup power system must be powerful than an aerial used by one company alone. There must also be sufficient power reserves," Konttinen summarises.

DNA's objective is to have batteries with a life cycle of 10 years under normal conditions and 15 years in technical facilities. The products must have high quality components, and the solutions should allow expansion according to the power consumption needs of the equipment. Telecommunications network operates at 48 V DC, but television network components require 230 V AC as well, which requires the use of inverters. The availability of the right type of electricity is ensured under all circumstances.

Typically, the batteries are charged from the electrical grid, with diesel aggregates providing support. Alternative methods are, however, continuously monitored and tested. The Tapani storm of 2011 served as a good measuring stick for the reliability of the current systems, while also emphasising the need for continuous development.

Training included

Training is a key element of Celltech's services. According to Konttinen, expert assistance has always been readily available. Since DNA's contractors perform all installation work, the collaboration between Celltech and the contractors has been vital.

DNA regularly tenders its suppliers, and Celltech has proven itself to be highly competitive while providing quality products. Long term investments require reliable products, which puts special emphasis on the availability of spare parts and the quality of service.

Marko Konttinen summarises that the collaboration has went smoothly, as evidenced by the fact that Celltech have been partners for several years already.